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Thrilled To Publish Podcasting Magazine for iTunes Newsstand

Podcasting Magazine


I am thrilled and excited to announce that I’ve developed and published Podcasting Magazine and it is now available on iTunes Newsstand for iPhone and iPad.

The magazine primarily exists to introduce podcast content creators through exclusive interviews and show reviews. The magazine will also feature product and gear reviews, how-to’s and more as it relates to digital content distribution through audio and video podcasting.

My hope is to network with existing, new and would be podcasters to connect and bring their shows to readers of Podcasting Magazine.

Its been a blast thus far discovering new shows and consuming their content. I’m learning a ton from the show formats, the delivery styles of the show hosts and the content subject matter. I can say without hesitation that the hosts have been gracious with their time and pleasant to work with when I’ve reached out with an interview request.

I welcome you to come check out Podcasting Magazine and give it an honest review. There is a lot planned for future issues and look forward to bringing you quality articles, how-to’s, interviews, reviews and more.



Photo by: JD Hancock

Find Something That Has Magic In It For You

Photo by: JD Hancock

Photo by: JD Hancock

Recently, I read a blog post by Scott Ginsberg in which he shared a short interaction between a famous film director and his son who like many children decided to pursue something different with their lives than their parents for whatever the reason. In short, the son decided to go “Pre-Med” because ‘nobody questions a decision to become a doctor’.

Although the son’s decision to go Pre-Med may typically be a noble one which is also considered a desirable goal, choosing that path or any path for that matter for the wrong reasons would be tragic.

The blog post resonated with me on a number of levels. Particularly because I chose a similar path and spent over 20 years in the health care industry. Although I was good at what I did and helped countless people and their families along the way, it was not magical for me. Don’t get me wrong, I found a lot of satisfaction and joy helping people over the years. There are a lot of memories and stories there. One might argue that my sentiment can be perceived as selfish. And perhaps that is true in some respects, but it is also very true that if you don’t do something that has magic in it for you with your life that you are short changing yourself and those that could be exposed to what you are meant to do.

When Star Wars first came out, I was a young Jedi…I mean boy. I’ve been a major Star Wars Geek ever since. For me Star Wars is magical. The story and characters are a reality that I like to visit to experience that magic. I know I am not alone because a tribe of Star Wars enthusiasts exists. That provides a connection as evidenced by the ‘secret handshake’ references people often make in everyday conversation, social networks and even other movies. The very storyline of struggle between good and evil, right and wrong, supposed to do and not-supposed to do (Do or Do Not, there is No Try!) is the essence behind this very post.

Like many others, I’ve hesitated to pursue something I thought would or might be awesome to do. For whatever the reasons, whether it was self doubt or worrying about what others would think or how they might view me for doing so, only to wonder “what if?”!

There have been countless times that I thought about something or had an idea only to later discover somebody else was doing the very thing that I thought would be fun or cool to do and even worse, running a business around a concept and thriving!

Recently, I watched a video in which the speaker was remarkable for reasons you’ll discover below in which he  was able to procure interviews with people and celebrities one might consider unreachable. His suggestion is “Just Ask and Do It Yourself!”. An incredibly brave sentiment and courageous motto indeed and it correlates perfectly.



Recently, I decided to pursue something that is magical for me. I created a mobile app and newsststand magazine for the iPhone and iPad around subject matter that I think is simply awesome. I’m thrilled to announce that Podcasting Magazine was approved and is now available on iTunes for iPhone and iPad. Combining two amazing technologies (Podcasting and Mobile Apps) and leveraging equally amazing devices in the iPhone and iPad holds real magic for me.

By leveraging these emerging technologies, it is now possible to potentially reach anyone that has an iPhone, iPod or iPad with the content that I create or provide. The newsstand magazine app medium is a blast because you can provide  information to would be readers that can be consumed and interacted with in various forms like audio (Podcasts), Video and articles. There are many more reasons how this differentiates from running a blog or a website but thats for a different post for a different time. Nonetheless, it holds magic and allows me to connect with a countless number people from all over the world and still provide help.

My hope for you is that you find something that is magical for you and pursue it.